Consulting & Localization Solutions

MYS offers consulting services in relation to the different stages of project development and implementation, including but not limited to; data collection, data translation & analysis, M&E and more.
In addition to the provision of localization solutions that could make your products and services adapt to meet the needs of a particular language, culture and population.
In other words, your products and services could be developed within the local culture.


Certified Sworn Translation & Interpreting

Sworn Translation Services
These services include the translation of all sorts of legal, official and personal documents before notarizing them at notary public offices in Gaziantep, Turkey.

Sworn Interpreting Services
If someone doesn't speak Turkish, and needs to go to the notary office in order to give a Power of Attorney, prepare a Letter of Consent, and Affidavit of Undertaking (Letter of Commitment) or an Invitation Letter, sell/buy a vehicle, or prepare and obtain any other legal document; then the presence of a sworn interpreter is required in order for that individual to be able to communicate with the notary public and express him/herself.
Not to mention that according to the Turkish Law, the sworn interpreter should also sign the document with the person in question after being prepared by the notary public.

📢 Important Note: Kindly note that an appointment needs to be made with us before going to the notary office.


Conference Interpreting & Remote Simultaneous Interpreting ‘RSI'

Conference Interpreting

Is a professional communication service rendered in either simultaneous, consecutive or whispered mode of interpreting in a conference(-like) situation.

Simultaneous Interpreting
In this mode of interpreting, a conference interpreter is responsible for conveying the ideas effectively and clearly in real time by transmitting them to listeners while the speaker's speech continues uninterrupted, while using the type of equipment needed to fulfil this task (eg, interpreter / soundproof booths, audio conferencing systems, headphones and microphones for the interpreters and the delegates).

Simultaneous interpreting is an exhausting job that requires a great deal of concentration and energy. This is why it is always performed by a team of at least two conference interpreters who hand over to each other every 20 minutes.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting RSI
Since there is a soaring demand for virtual conferences due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we also offer remote simultaneous / consecutive interpretation services in multiple language pairs by using different platforms that could magically transform any room or site into a multi-lingual conference venue.

Kindly note that we also provide the technical equipment and support needed for these services.

Consecutive Interpreting
Interpreting after the speaker finishes his speech, usually with the help of notes taken by the interpreter.

Whispered Interpreting (Chuchotage)
Whispered interpreting is a form of simultaneous interpreting. However, no technical equipment is required. In this mode, the interpreter is either sitting or standing next to a group of participants or delegates, interpreting what is being said to them in a low voice.
This type of interpreting is not suited for all-day events, but rather for a short period of time.

Bilateral Consecutive / Liaison Interpreting
Bilateral / liaison interpreting is a form of consecutive interpreting, usually used for small groups, interviews, business meetings / visits and diplomatic meetings / visits.

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Our scope of work is very comprehensive; it covers various content subjects such as: Gender, humanitarian, politics, governance, healthcare, education, economy, finance, agriculture, engineering, women empowerment, services, military, policies, legal, rule of law, human rights, arbitration, reconciliation, peace building, development, protection, psychological support, women rights, protection, gender and more.
In addition to the translation of modules, studies, PP presentations, training and course materials, reports, newsletters, web contents, manuals, restaurant menus, marketing materials, ads, product contents, press releases, scholar articles, books and more.

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Voice Over & Transcription

Voice Over Recording (Off-Stage or Off-Camera Commentary)
MYS is specialized in the translation and recording of voiceovers of all kinds of recordings and materials.

Transcription is a process of converting a multimedia content from a spoken-language source into a written or electronic text. In addition to the translation of the produced content.


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